How much does it cost to build in Grenada?

A good rule of thumb is US$150 to $200 per sq/ft for a high quality finish residential building. But, there are so many variables that this should only be used for the crudest of cost estimates.

How long will construction take?

The average residential villa will require approximately 9-months for construction.

What is the process for planning approval?

New homes or additions can run from US$125.00 to over US$150.00 a square foot for construction based on level of finish. That figure usually includes fixture and fittings except for land and site improvements.

Who does the design?

Isla Construction works with several Grenadian and international design firms to provide you the look, feel, and functionality you require, while ensuring value for money and environmentally sensitive design.

Should I renovate an existing property or build a new one?

Much of Grenada’s existing residential and commercial infrastructure is in need of significant renovation. It is currently more cost effective to purchase an existing structure and renovate than to purchase a vacant lot and build from the ground-up.

Do Building Contractors in Grenada need to be licensed?

Unfortunately, no, the industry is totally unregulated. This leads to some disastrous outcomes. There are, however, some tried and true professional contractors and service providers in Grenada producing excellent products and seeking clients’ interest. Isla Construction is proud to be one of these highly regarded and respected firms.

I have a piece of land I want to build on in Grenada, now what?

In a nut shell, we would visit the site with you, discuss your needs and wants, and produce a concept floor plan and outline budget for your consideration.

What if I already have completed designs drawings?

No problem, we are happy to provide a build cost.

How much does a construction estimate cost?

If you already have a Bill of Quantities, there is no fee.

What does “Isla” stand for?

This is certainly our most frequently asked question… it is Spanish for island.